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The Management Board

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Pursuant to the Company’s Articles of Association, the Management Board of the company consists of 3 to 7 members appointed by the Supervisory Board for a three-year common term of office. The number of Management Board members is decided by the Supervisory Board. President of the Management Board is appointed by the Supervisory Board and other members are appointed on President’s motion by the Supervisory Board. From 1 January 2016 until 25 February 2016 the Management Board was composed of 3 persons and later of 4 persons.

A Member or the whole Management Board may be dismissed by the Supervisory Board before the end of the term of office. A Management Board Member may be dismissed or suspended also by the General Meeting.

The Management Board acts pursuant to the Polish Commercial Companies Code and other provisions of law, provisions of the Articles of Association and of the Bylaws of the Management Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA which are available on the Company’s website. In performance of their duties members of the Management Board are also governed by the principles of Best Practices.

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