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Export strategy

  • Development of a competitive product offer for foreign markets.
  • Obtaining required certifications and prequalifications.
  • Entering into partnership relations with local companies through:
    1. building a network of agents
    2. representations
    3. joint venture.
  • Strengthening the recognition among and Alliance with global general contractors who maintain high standards and looking for turnkey subcontractors.

Strategic export goals

Significant growth in orders for products in the Russian-speaking countries. Growth in export orders up to the 
level of ca. PLN 177m.
Dynamic development of winning orders in Southeast Europe markets.
Growth in orders in Middle East markets.
Development of competences in export of services.


The Strategy has been based on the following assumptions:

  • annual growth of GDP within the 3.6 – 3.8% range;
  • growth in investment expenditure up to 6.6% in 2018;
  • annual inflation around 2%;
  • increase in electric energy consumption 1.5% per year;
  • a fall in US$ exchange rate to the level of PLN 3.57 in 2018;
  • a fall in EUR exchange rate to the level of PLN 4.09 in 2018.

8. Financial report

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