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Mission, vision and values

Home page 7. The strategy for 2016-2018 Mission, vision and values

Mission of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA or what distinguishes us?

In order to strengthen its position of a leader setting new quality of conducting business, the Company is providing:

  1. Shareholders – with long-term growth in the market value ofELEKTROBUDOWA SA.
  2. Business partners – with highest quality products and services, which are to satisfy their business goals.
  3. Employees – with modern workplaces and development opportunities.

As a transparent company, we perform each activity with conformance to the principles of corporate governance and social responsibility, caring for the natural environment and striving after highest standards of quality.

Vision of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA or what our business ambitions are?

As a company specializing in the supply of modern, comprehensive and complete technical solutions for power industry and other industries, we are focused on:

  1. Boosting our operational efficiency and reinforce our position in Poland.
  2. Increasing the Company’s share in the market of complete facilities for the power sector and other industries and strengthening our competitive position in this segment.
  3. Enhancing the share of export in the Company’s revenues and developing our activity in foreign markets.

Values of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, or what do we want to be guided by?

As the Company and all employees acting on its behalf…

Compliance with law

…we comply with law provisions, respect the rules of social coexistence and follow good practices applicable in the countries where the company’s business operations are conducted.

Accountability and integrity

…we meet our commitments and do not make promises we are not able to fulfil. Professional competence, care for the well-being of the Company and integrity are the features on which our reputation is based.


…we comply with corporate governance rules, are guided by respect for the stakeholders and are committed to constructive, open and transparent dialogue with business partners.


…we aim at being experts in our field of business through developing our competencies and knowledge, seeking such technical and organizational solutions which add to constant enhancement of quality of provided services.

Striving for Success and constant progress

…we set and pursue ambitious goals and support innovation, team work and determination to achieve success and constant progress in achieving business objectives.


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