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Investments in 2016

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Investment expenditure in 2016 amounted to PLN 11.9m and included:

Investment expenditure
 mln PLN
Nakłady na środki trwałe
Outlays on fixed tangible assets
Nakłady na wartości niematerialne
Outlays on intangible assets

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A part of the expenditure for non-financial fixed assets was earmarked for further modernization and current reproduction of fixed tangible assets and for erection of new building structures. The expenditure in the group of buildings and structures amounted to 0.6 million PLN.

In 2016 the equipment to streamline the production and assembly processes was bought for the sum of 3.2 million PLN.

Outlays earmarked for vehicles in 2016 amounted to 2.3 million PLN.

Replacement of hardware and modernisation of IT infrastructure involved spending of 1.0 million PLN.

The expenses for licences and rights to modern software amounted to 1.1 million PLN.

The expenditure incurred by the Company in 2016 for implementation of the new integrated IT system to support enterprise management (ERP system) amounted to 0.9 million PLN.

The investment for development works amounted to 2.8 million PLN.

The investments made in the 12 months ended 31 December 2016 were financed from the Company’s own funds and only a small part of those sources came from selling of some items of non-current assets.


The investment plan for H1 2017


Investment expenditure planned for the first half of 2017 assume spending of 19.0 million PLN.

They basically refer to replacement purchases and modernisation of machine fleet, technical equipment and office and production facilities.



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