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Corporate governance


The Management Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA represents that in 2016 ELEKTROBUDOWA SA and its governing bodies complied with the provisions of the set of corporate governance rules specified in “Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016”, but the recommendations and principles I.Z.1.3., I.Z.1.7., I.Z.2., II.Z.1., IV.R.2., IV.Z.17., IV.Z.18., V.Z.6., VI.R.2. were applied in a limited scope.
There were a few incidents of non-compliance with detail principles II.Z.10., II.Z.10.1., II.Z.10.2., II.Z.10.3., II.Z.10.4, II.Z.6., I.Z.1., I.Z.1.14., III.Z.5., VI.Z.4. included in “Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016”:

Details of corporate governance rules are available on the web page of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA: 

The company does not implement the corporate governance practices which go above and beyond the requirements foreseen in Polish legislation.


4. Present and anticipated financial situation - Sales revenues

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