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The Company on Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2016

Home page 3. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA on WSE The Company on Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2016

The year 2016 brought a significant increase in major stock indices. From the first to the last session in 2016 the main index of Warsaw Stock Exchange (WIG) rose by 14.10%, and WIG20 index listing the biggest companies rose by 7.95%. The medium-sized companies’ index (mWIG40) behaved much better and increased its value by 20%, while small-cap index sWIG80 rose by 9.62%.

On 30 December 2016 the WIG index hit its annual high.

WIG20 had its high during the session on 30 March and mWIG40 on 13 December. WIG-Construction had its annual high on the session of 29 September 2016.


The shares of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA are included in the WIG, sWIG80 and RESPECT indices, and also in the sector subindex WIG-Construction, which lost 0.54% in 2016.

After good year 2015, during the whole 2016 the share price of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA behaved considerably worse than of the companies in the sectoral subindex WIGConstruction, which lost 0.54% last year. On the first 2016 session (4 January), the price closed at 130.55 PLN, while on closing of the last session in 2016 (30 December) the share price was 106.45 PLN. Within the year the quotation price of ELEKTROBUDOWA’s shares dropped 18.46% (closing prices, from the closing of the first session in January). The price hit its closing high on 4 January at 130.55 PLN, while its closing low was established on 20 June at 87.00 PLN. The annual average closing price of the Company’s shares in 2016 was 105.12 PLN and was 18.58% lower than average closing price in the previous year, when it amounted to 129.11 PLN.

During the whole year 2016, the shares of the Company behaved definitely weaker than the market (WIG, WIG20, mWIG40, sWIG80, WIG-Construction) and until the middle of the year they moved in a clearly falling trend, while in the second half of the year they recovered their losses. During the first 6 months of the year share price dropped from 130.55 PLN quoted at the beginning of the year to 87.00 PLN. After surprising result of the British referendum in June about leaving the European Union, the Company’s quotation dropped to establish its minimum daily price of 85.00 PLN, which was the lowest, then started an upward trend lasting until the end of the year. In the second half of the year share quotations of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA were moving according to the market trend. The end of the year was for the Company’s share prices the time of spectacular growth , although the balance for the whole year was negative (-18.46%), also in the sector (WIG-Construction -0.54%).

Total trading volume of the Company’s shares in continuous trading in 2016 was 298 329 shares and was 71% lower than the volume in 2015. Average trading volume was 1 189 shares per session. The highest volume was recorded on the 30 December session, when 12 299 shares of the Company changed their holders.


ELEKTROBUDOWA’s share price performance in the WSE versus WIG, WIG20, sWIG48, and WIG-Construction indices in 2016 (closing prices, standardized index values)
Source: WSE

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