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Organizational structure

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ELEKTROBUDOWA SA is the one of the largest Polish electrical power installation company that manufactures electrical power equipment, provides comprehensive electrical installation services and constructs complete facilities for the needs of the power and industry sectors.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has more than 60 years of experience. The company took part in the construction of nearly all power plants and co-generation plants in Poland and many such facilities in the world. It is present in the newly built, modernized and refurbished power engineering and industrial facilities, both in Poland and abroad. Foreign markets have a significant share in sales. The company operates actively in Russia, Ukraine and in Saudi Arabia, as well as in many other countries completing deliveries from its own manufacturing plants. It has participated in projects carried out, e.g. in Estonia, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland. ELEKTROBUDOWA’S numerous references proof that it is a recognized partner both in turnkey projects and as a subcontractor.

of experience
1802 employees
39 locations

Organizational structure of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA

Fast changing market situation involves the necessity of regular rationalizations within the Company and adaptation its structure to the requirements of the market environment.
Major changes to the organizational structure made during the previous year included:

  • establishing a central organizational unit in the Head Office, responsible for integration of marketing activities and coordination of sales and public relations,
  • liquidation of KONIP and transfer of its functions to the level of the Head Office, connecting them with the functions of Systems Management department and extending the scope of the new unit by including technical issues,
  • Separating a unit “OHS Service” in the structure of the Head Office, directly reporting to a Member of the Management Board,
  • establishing two divisions according to the nature and scope of activity and assigning new names to them.

Organizational chart


As at 31 December 2016 the organizational structure of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA was composed of the Head Office and two organizational units – Company Divisions not disclosed in the National Court Register:

Production Division

(former Power Distribution Division) – a unit which performs tasks from the scope of design and engineering, manufacture and selling power equipment and mobile substations, controll and signalling devices, also manufacture and selling of metal constructions (including cable trays).

The scope of activities of the Production Division includes manufacture, procurement and provision of services relating to installation and servicing of prefabrication coming from the production plants for customers in Poland and in other countries, particularly from the following industries:

  • electric power plants
  • combined heat and power plants
  • power distribution sector
  • fuel industry
  • chemical industry
  • metallurgy
  • paper & pulp
  • mining, including processing facilities
  • transport
  • other industries

Project Execution Division

(former Power Generation Division) – a unit which performs the following tasks: engineering, procurement, installation of electric power equipment and systems, erection works in all trades required for performance of turnkey projects as a general contractor in the power sector and industry sector, operation of electric power equipment, control and instrumentation services, electrical tests after erection, commissioning and start-up of electrical equipment and systems.

The Project Execution Division renders services in the markets of Poland and other countries, particularly for the following groups of customers:

  • electric power plants
  • combined heat and power plants
  • fuel industry
  • chemical industry
  • metallurgy
  • paper & pulp
  • mining, including processing facilities and operators of power lines and stations
  • other branches


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